Working in a school can be an isolating, lonely experience. Sometimes we can go a whole day without meaningfully connecting with another person, much less getting support from a colleague or feedback from a supervisor. For those of us in education, this isolation contributes to high teacher and leader turnover rates, and it also contributes significantly to a lack of student engagement, an increase in distractions and disruptive behavior, and plummeting test scores. I can help! 

Reflective coaching

Teacher Coaching
I coach K-12 educators in all disciplines to help build their personal capacity to become their best teacher selves.  Specializing in instructional practices, classroom management, innovative student-centered learning experiences, and data-driven assessments, my coaching helps developing and veteran teachers alike become reflective decision-makers who employ strategies and resources strategically to increase student engagement, elevate student motivation, and improve student academic abilities and independence. I provide constructive feedback focused on each teacher’s own growth goals to support them with targeted, research-based tools and resources that improve their educational pedagogies, resulting in greater teacher knowledge, expertise, and confidence.

Leader Coaching - Jenna with Claudia Cohen

Leader Coaching
I also help administrators and other school leaders seeking systemic growth, by coaching leaders on how to be effective catalysts to build capacity from within their organization. School site leaders learn how to develop and sustain their instructional vision and elevate emergent teacher-leaders to develop into collaborative, reflective decision-makers focused on strategic mission- and functionality-aligned growth goals, using inclusive communication skills and data-driven accountability.

mentor meeting

Mentor Coaching
Effective and well-liked teachers are often tapped to mentor new teachers, but they’re not always provided the training on how to do so. Mentoring and coaching a new teacher isn’t just a matter of passing along all of your strengths to them– in fact, more often than not, that’s the least effective way of developing a new teacher’s internal capacities. I train teacher-leaders how to be trusted thought partners in a mentoring relationship that builds internal resources within new teachers and develops their sense of interconnectedness as well as helping new teachers develop into self-directed, reflective decision-makers for their students.

Leadership Resource Institute

Join us at UCLA Center X online for a research-based course designed to deepen the practice of school administrators and leaders to discuss ideas, reflect on challenges, and develop proflective practices that elevate their leadership efficacy, flexibility, consciousness, craftsmanship, and interdependence within their roles at school. Fee-based; optional academic credit through UCLA Extension.

Participants will develop proflective and reflective decision-making capacities to: 

  • Harness available internal and external resources
  • Address systemic challenges and lean into conflict
  • Strategically implement equitable, relationship-centered strategies and protocols, and
  • Stay mission-focused to fulfill the promise of their schools

Co-facilitated by experienced Cognitive and Instructional Coaches Jenna Kamp and Natalie Irons, the LRI will meet for six weeks in a virtual space to optimize connections and communication; participants can join the conversation to identify and address the unique and universal challenges they face as change agents in the rapidly changing world of 21st century education. 

“ Ms. Kamp has been an amazing coach, coworker, and role model. I am glad I got to go through my credentialing journey with her by my side. Ms. Kamp is an English teacher and I am a Math teacher, but despite teaching a different subject matter, she was able to provide me with a lot of amazing teaching resources. She always had a listening ear and offered constructive feedback.

— Ana Meza
Math Teacher
Los Angeles, CA

“My gratitude in having Jenna as a coach is directly attributed to her magnanimity of mind and heart. Jenna was the data-centered empath I needed this year. … She has such an aptitude for understanding the precise demands of our school model and teachers, and she always offers strategic and considerate answers, suggestions, and reasoning. With Jenna, I felt safe, comfortable, heard, but also appropriately challenged and always encouraged to grow.

— Enrique Magdaleno
Social Science Teacher
Los Angeles, CA

Jenna Kamp