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The Feedback System

To my husband, a musician and producer, feedback is a nasty word—think of that screeching sound which makes you cover your ears and wince in pain when the guitarist gets too close to his amp. It can ruin an otherwise… Read more >> 0 comments
mental model
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MindShift: Understanding and Shifting Mindsets

Jaime, a school principal, was working with a teacher around her grading system—she was wanting to make her grading more equitable and accurate, and had adopted a no-zero/minimum grade policy. Nothing about her course design had changed, however, so all… Read more >> 0 comments
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On Reflection

CarolAnn sat back in her chair and sighed loudly. “Oy vey,” she said. “Three words?!” I had just asked her to think back over her first year as an assistant principal and generate three words or phrases that might capture… Read more >> 0 comments
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Living the Venn Diagram of Coaching Leadership

Years ago, I worked with a principal who deeply believes he can develop the leader in everyone—in his staff, in his students, in his own children; everyone, he believes, has leadership potential. Daniel, we’ll call him, is a quintessential leader.… Read more >> 0 comments
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What is the Best Coaching Model for Schools?

Many schools and school districts are coming around to the notion that instructional coaching is an important impact tool to raise student achievement, and with federal COVID funds available, principals are looking for coaches or for coaching models to implement… Read more >> 0 comments
Jenna with Claudia Cohen
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School Leaders Can Benefit from Coaching

You Do What? A lot of people, when I tell them I am an Academic Leadership Coach, ask me, “What’s that?” It’s a fair question. In over twenty years as a high school English teacher, I never once heard of… Read more >> 0 comments

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